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Cupcakes. I made them for my birthday. There were soooo good!

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‘Little Plastic Soup Plants’ did pretty well on Instagram!2797 (1024x815)

A little TrashWorks-DIY-tutorial ‘Upcycled Beachtrash Vases’: 1. go to the beach; 2. find some lids, tops of bottles etc; 3. drink coffee; 4. flirt with a hot surf dude; 5. run away for his angry girlfriend; 6. buy some Tilandsia. The’re awesome plants! I bought them at supernice store Bleshyou in Nijmegen; 7. call your mum. She’ll appreciate it; 8. put the Tilandsia in the lids; 9. tell everybody you bought very expensive Dutch Design vases.


The 17th of July 2015, I gave a TrashWorks-workshop at Fier Fryslan – an organization that works with girls who have been a victim of forced prostitution or loverboys. 20 teenage girls listened to a talk about plastic soup and made awesome work! Interested in a TrashWorks-workshop? Don’t hesitate to mail me (!

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The 31st of July 2015, Dutch national newspaper de Volkskrant published my letter about trash-art!


TrashWorks won a price in an art competition about human trafficking, prostitution and exploitation, click here.

ItCouldHaveBeenYouA2V5G (800x564)

TrashWorks upcycles trash found at the beach and vintage magazines into pure, autenthic pieces of art that tell a story. Everything is very handmade and Photoshop is hardly used. Read more.


Plastic soup animals

crab with a hobby

Crab with a hobby
Essence of a flamingo

Essence of a flamingo

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Insect – I’ve been working on some plastic soup insects lately. I’ve even been studying books about insects. It’s sort of exposure therapy to me, because I’m terribly scared of insects. I once almost choked in my blankets, because some big insect was flying in my direction. I had to hide and didn’t dare to stick my head out of the blankets anymore. It was 35 degrees. Anyway, there are some nice pieces of trash in this image (some of it found by family & friends which is so cool!), maybe you recognize some. The pink upperbody of the insect is a piece of a Cars-toy. And the flower is a crushed cap. I


Love at first sight



jongetjeinstruisvogel (2) (683x1024)

Only Ostrich knew where little Peter was hiding


It’s not easy being a vulture


Minimalistic Red Cat


Weird animal with little bird on his back





This one’s inspired by the awesome ‘Permanent State of Confusion’ collection of fashion designer Bas Kosters in which he re-used materials from former collections. Love it! I destroy every piece of art after I have made it in order to use the pieces of plastic again and again, so you will find the pieces of this costume in other images as well

lovin' my new trashfashion

Lovin’ my new trashfasion


Lara’s first photoshoot



This is the era of the Crab Ladies – (a.k.a. Crabfashion). Sometimes all you need are crab-legs & vintage pictures. Although…it wasn’t that easy. The crab-legs scared the hell out of me. I had the feeling they’d become alive any moment



Mostly, I dress my models in pieces of bright colored beachtrash, but sometimes I want to make something natural, light, pure & naked. This are images made of vintage paper & natural materials, like shields of sea urchins, leaves and stones, only.


The feathers are found at a little harbour in Lauwersoog (northcoast of Friesland, Netherlands). They belonged to a fishing net.


Space, Monsters & Robots

IMG_1293 (877x1280)

expo_51 (1024x683)

Even short-legged robots fall in love (the picture and the exhibition-flesh&blood robot)


‘But what none of us knew was that the monster invented by Renzo had already been invented by someone else – by a couple of other monsters, I guess’. (Creature from the Haunted Sea, 1961)


”OMG, she’s photobombing the take off!”


It was GREAT hangin’ out with the aliens


Remember them aliens? They just wanna let you know that they’re having a great time on planet Earth!!!

2622 (1280x864)

Dragon Pete loved to frighten the town


harry wanted to travel

Harry wanted to travel.
musquitoes in the old zaire

Somewhere deep down in the old Zaïre: ”We’ve got to kill those bloody mosquitoes.”


Luke entered the valley, where the El Passano gang was hidden, without fear

Cultural Exchange

I’m intruiged by isolated, threatened tribes and by different cultures, and how they interrelate and mix. I’m also intruiged by the effect of adding beachtrash to decent vintage women’s faces. It just feels awesome to have the power to change their appearance totally. This series is to honour interracial relations and tribes that still connect to nature, while we’re living in a pile of plastic garbage.