Lovely little images of beachtrash

IMG_3256 (1)


2797 (1024x815)

Little Plastic Soup Plants

IMG_1293 (877x1280)

Even short-legged robots fall in love


”Mise-en-place”. Lately I’m hooked to Chef’s Table (Netflix). Although I’m a terrible cook myself (my signature dish is fish fingers with broccoli), I was very inspired by the chefs who look a bit at their ingredients the way I look at plastic soup. So I decided to cook with my beachfinds and I think I deserve a Michelin-star. From left to right: ”Three shells steamed in caramelized hay”; ”Desert of sweetened oister and frozen egg topped with crispy cream”; ”Sea urchin on a bed of homegrown salad and three carrot-mushrooms” and ”Calfs thigh leaning on seafoam accompanied by fermented baby-corn”. Have a nice dinner! And oh, take home message: when we keep on polluting the oceans like we do now, we’ll soon eat plastic soup for real. For real!


Father and Son Fishing in Lost Landscape (the mountains are made from an old, rusty metal bowl found at the beach of West Papua)



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